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Intel Optane Memory 101 – Is it worth it?

There are so many different things to worry about when shopping for a computer. How fast should the CPU be? Is this RAM too slow? How much storage space do I need? Will this GPU with that CPU cause bottlenecking? (Don't even get me started on adaptive sync technology.) As the data specialist for Desktops and Notebooks categories, I get ...

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5 Reasons to Enroll in a Coding Bootcamp

Just over three years ago, I enrolled in a little known coding bootcamp in Portland called Epicodus. At the time, coding bootcamps were still a bit of a mystery and would-be employers were skeptical of the formula. I’m proud to say that here at gap intelligence, we are open minded about non-traditional programming backgrounds, including ...

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Influencer Marketing: a Humble Perspective

Over the past several years, social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube have increased their reach, their members, and their capabilities. If you are standing on the sidelines, you might not have noticed that the 20-something year old girl that you used to watch as she sat on her floor and described products that she likes is now a ...

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Yarn Plug'n'Play vs node_modules

Last week, Yarn developers announced a new feature - Plug'n'Play installation. This feature allows us to run Node.js projects without using the node_modules folder, which normally establishes the project dependencies. The feature description declares that node_modules will no longer be needed - the modules will be loaded from the ...

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Best Buy Price Tags Go Digital

Best Buy is in the midst of a major transformation, rolling-out digital price tags to 150 locations across America. This many not seem like a big deal given that Best Buy and other retailers have been slowly testing, adopting, and un-adopting digital tags for years. However, this latest digital tag rollout seems different.

Best Buy’s 150 ...

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