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Words with Herbs - Phillip Deeb

1) Name

Phillip Deeb

2) How did you get to gap intelligence?

I had just graduated college from SDSU with a BA in Economics and I wanted to get into some field where I can use what I have learned throughout my college career in daily activities. So I searched and searched (like all job searches, tirelessly). I found gap intelligence and saw that ...

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Taking the Pulse of the Wearables Market

Taking the Pulse of the Wearables Market | A gap intelligence Webinar

Join gap intelligence for a FREE webinar to learn about Smart Wrist Wearables trends.

Reserve your spot in the Taking the Pulse of the Wearables Market webinar.

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Time: 10:00 am PST

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Smart wrist wearables burst onto retail shelves ...

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LOOKOUT, Enforcement on its Way!

Kicking off the new year with great excitement, gap intelligence launched its newest service, Lookout in the first week of January. Lookout is an online price tracking service designed to identify MAP/UPP policy violations. By further developing the capabilities of our existing web crawling technology and our GFD quality standard, Lookout ...

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The Golden Rule of Great

The holidays have come and gone, we know who won the Super Bowl (Go Pats!!), and the stores are simultaneously putting out Valentine’s Day and Easter candy, but most importantly, it is gap intelligence Kickoff time! This is the time of year when we get together as an entire company to map out our vision, strategy, and tactics for the next ...

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gapMBA Spends a Day Learning the Zappos Way

One of the (many) perks of getting to work at gap intelligence is the opportunity to earn an internal gapMBA taught by Professor Gary Peterson and Associate Professor Katie Hess. The year-long course is offered to any gap intelligence employee who wishes to gain the proper tools of how to become an effective manager as well as how it ...

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