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Words With Herbs - Jenny Pletner

1) Name:

Jenny Pletner

2) How did you get to gap intelligence?

Before gap (BG), I was an IT/IS project manager for serveral years. I managed teams of developers, integrated master schedulers, and all types of technical projects. I loved it but yearned to be a more integral part of the actual technical implementation. I enrolled ...

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Five Reasons Why Organizations Should Care About Professional Development

As a newly minted cultivation culture, gap intelligence is driven to help employees do and be their best. We have created a culture for our employees that cater to their charitable, fitness, and social needs. Now, we have a professional development program in place to support our employees' growth and success. So, why should organizations ...

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How to Grow Revenue with Great Questions

Effective questions increase probability of success. I spent six years in the FBI asking questions (most of which, I knew the answers to in advance). In my time as an Agent, I interviewed and interrogated criminals, witnesses, subject-matter experts, executives and confidential informants. I quickly recognized how questions impact results. In ...

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gap intelligence Refreshed Italy Dealer Cost Price Analysis

Since 2015, gap intelligence’s MFP-Copier Dealer Cost Report has provided manufacturers with wholesale costs for US dealer channel MFPs/SFPs. This report provides competitive wholesale pricing for hardware, options, and consumables as well as dealer program details and hardware Pivot Table data to create dealer transfer price trends. Due ...

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From Fashion to Future: Wearables and Health Tracking

There was a time in the not too distant past where a rubber bracelet that could count your steps was the pinnacle of wearable technology. Businesses were reaching sky-high valuations on the back of fitness tracking technology, and new companies were rushing into the market looking to replicate their success. Everyone from hardcore exercise ...

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