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Level Up Your Rails: 4 Things a Basic Tutorial Won't Teach You

Here at gap Intelligence, many of our applications are built using the Ruby on Rails framework. As a developer, I like Rails for its convention over configuration approach which gives it an accessible learning curve. Additionally, there's an abundance of free resources and online tutorials to help you get up and running quickly with ...


5 Reasons to Enroll in a Coding Bootcamp

Just over three years ago, I enrolled in a little known coding bootcamp in Portland called Epicodus. At the time, coding bootcamps were still a bit of a mystery and would-be employers were skeptical of the formula. I’m proud to say that here at gap intelligence, we are open minded about non-traditional programming backgrounds, including ...


Get on the Grid : The One Page CSS Grid Cheat Sheet

Bootstrap. Skeleton. Foundation. Front-end developers often rely on third-party frameworks to efficiently create sleek and responsive web layouts. While there are many awesome CSS frameworks available for developers to use, the time has come for the reign of the CSS Grid Layout. More commonly known as CSS Grid, it’s a two-dimensional ...