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Something Strange and Remarkable at Amazon

Every spring, Jeff Bezos publishes Amazon’s annual shareholder letter. These letters consistently deliver insights into Amazon’s achievements and priorities, reiterate the company's obsessive focus on its customers and its homegrown products and services (e.g. Prime, Alexa, AWS), and generally ignore typical investor letter ...

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Amazon's Hidden Asset

When you think about Amazon, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Prime Membership? Free Shipping? Any product you would ever need? Any and all of these answers are probably among the top choices for most consumers. However, Amazon and its dominance are much more than that and the path that the company is looking to take to ...

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Retail 2.0: How Stores Will Win in the New Economy

The retail landscape is rapidly changing. Our world is one of hyper-adoption and hyper-abandonment. Digitization of shopping led by Amazon, and fast-moving shifts in consumer buying behaviors placed retail on the front lines of disruption. Immersion, speed, convenience and automation upended traditional practices of the slow to react ...

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Amazon, the Price Perception Leader

Amazon loyalists shop on trusting that they are getting a bargain. The Amazon value proposition certainly includes advantages that are more unique than the simple act of offering low prices (assortment, convenience, experience, speed, ubiquity, security), but it’s this perception of low pricing that helps make shopping on ...

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Ran Out of Ink or Toner? Amazon's Dash Replenishment Can Help

We live in a world of instant gratification where consumers can have almost anything delivered at the push of a button. Whether it’s getting groceries delivered, requesting transportation, or renting a puppy for an hour, consumers can have it all simply through an app on their phone. Similarly, most consumers are familiar with scheduling ...

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Target Takes a Stand!

After becoming the most vocal retailer against showrooming, Target recently dropped Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle eReaders and the Kindle Fire tablet, citing “conflict of interest” as the motivation behind its decision. While many in the industry were quick to point to Target’s growing relationship with Apple in explaining the bold move, I ...
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eReaders Everywhere

During my store visits a couple of weeks ago, I came across a new highlighted product category that is available in most stores—yes, you guessed it right – eReaders. eReaders are one of the hottest product categories this holiday season and promotional displays are currently seen at most consumer electronics and mass merchant stores.

One common ...

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Nom nom nom

I’ve always loved baking, but since I bought my first cupcake cookbook on Amazon about two years ago I’ve been kind of cupcake-crazy. Around that time I had just moved to Colorado for school. I found myself living in a dorm (then onto an apartment) with a poor excuse for a kitchen. I was baking-starved.

Now that I’ve moved back to San Diego, ...

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Kelso = Biomechanical Engineering Major

Hardly known as a PC guru or good actor,

sure can sell a camera.

in a series of commercials that pin the married man in the middle of dozens of adoring female fans.

The girls ?borrow? Ashton?s CoolPix camera to take group photos and self portraits for him to adore when they SNEAK

it back into his pocket!!!

Though Kelso didn?t inspire me to ...

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Thin is Good

Everything in the Land of Nerdy is a buzz right now over the quickly improving quality of e-books.

Sony and Amazon, the two main e-book manufacturers and industry whips of the technology are both readying new e-book players. Sony?s latest Reader, the eloquently named PRS-700, uses a touch screen display that allows users to turn pages with ...

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