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gap intelligence's Super Sweet Sixteen

Today marks a important milestone in gap intelligence's history. To celebrate, let's start by going back...wayyyyy back to March 2003. Apple is gearing up to launch iTunes. The Human Genome Project is one month from being complete. 50 Cent is bumpin' on the radio stations. Nemo is being found and the King is about to Return. And in ...

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Bundles and Rebates and Free Gifts, Oh My!

If anyone has ever tried to shop for a kitchen appliance, they know the overwhelming feeling of looking through a myriad of advertisements and promotions offered by retailers. Considering promotions such as bundles, mail-in rebates, free gifts, and merchant rewards, it can be confusing and time consuming to determine what deal really is the ...

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Yarn Plug'n'Play vs node_modules

Last week, Yarn developers announced a new feature - Plug'n'Play installation. This feature allows us to run Node.js projects without using the node_modules folder, which normally establishes the project dependencies. The feature description declares that node_modules will no longer be needed - the modules will be loaded from the ...

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Lazy Salespeople - 5 Step Programs are 4 Too Many

Salespeople usually don’t have the best reputations and, as a salesperson, I can admit that we often deserve this lack of respect. For the most part, we’re motivated to make as much money with as little work as possible. I personally have a hard time finding any flaws with this philosophy and very proud of my single-digit golf ...

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gap intelligence Dashboard: Yes You Can!

Last November, we added a pair of new applications to our online Dashboard platform. The two new applications, called “Cards”, serve as simple, efficient, and fast resources for our clients to make our Product Placement and Promotions data come to life. With the addition of our new Advertisement Share and Product Presence Cards, our ...

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Fall Product Update

Happy Fall! Just one year after launching the dashboard on, we wanted to celebrate the anniversary by bringing our customers something new! These new offerings build on our current offerings and bring gap intelligence's data to life in new, interactive ways. What’s new on gap intelligence’s Dashboard:

  • Two ...
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Coming Soon! New Cards and Tools on

Here at gap intelligence, we are excited to announce the forthcoming addition of two new cards and tools to our cloud-based application accessible through These two offerings expand our online toolset to include new ways to interact with our advertisement and product presence GFD.

Using Ad Snapshot, customers will be able ...

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Passion for Clients + Passion for Data = Interactive Tools on

If it wasn't blatantly obvious already, gap intelligence radiates passion. We are a company that is values-led, which means that we are passionate about each other, we are passionate about our community, and we are passionate about our clients. 

We're also passionate about data. When we combine our passion for data with our passion ...

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