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We Don't Just Study the Forest, We Study the Leaves

Our category-specific analysts, the rock stars of the intelligence world, are the first to turn over every stone in the marketplace to help you answer your most important questions. We don't drop data off at your door and wave goodbye. Our expert analyst team provides context and answers the questions that are unique to your business.

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    Why are my sales going up or down?

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    How can my product line stay competitive?

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    What future innovations and trends will impact my business?

Our Products My Dashboard

My Dashboard

Interact with Our GFD Online

Our cloud-based application gives you the power to make smart decisions from any browser. Using our Merchant Pricing Trends tool, you can quickly build a custom view of a specific retailer's assortment of any product category. If you want to fuel your own internal tools with gap intelligence GFD, you can easily export the data that is most important to you using our Custom Data Downloads. You can also stay up-to-date on industry news and learn why and how market changes are impactful through our Market Intelligence Analysis widget.

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Our Products gapTCO

gapTCO Pro

Highlight Your Competitive Advantage

With our gapTCO Pro tool, you can quickly and easily analyze the trueTotal Cost of Ownershipof printer and copier devices in head-to-head scenarios. Our comprehensive product and pricing database is updated weekly to ensure accurate and reliable business intelligence fueled by fresh GFD. Our tools are so easy, even a sales person will use them.

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Our Products Data Center 3.0

Data Center 3.0

Data Should Empower, Not Overwhelm

Our online library is essentially an all-you-can-eat buffet of our entire catalog of market intelligence reports, as well as our price and promotions data that is updated weekly and available for your use in very powerful ways.

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    Weekly highlights of the things you need to know about your industry.

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    Find out how price drops impact inventory numbers.

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    View weekly circular ad images and detailed product specs by SKU.

We've relied upon gap intelligence for many years as a critical piece in helping us better understand the printer and print supplies markets. The Pricing and Promotions reports have provided us with facts needed to explore new sales models, and support product messaging, while the weekly Market Intelligence reports keep us informed of industry and product happenings in a simple and easy to digest format. The gap intelligence team is also incredibly responsive and insightful whenever we have specific inquiries.

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Our Products gAPI

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Plug In to Our GFD

Data Licensing

We can power your technology with our GFD through custom data feeds and our API. We'll spare you from all the technical details, but let's just say we take great pride in seeing our data take on new forms and functions to help you succeed.

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Give Your Data a Boost

Data Linking

Trying to find meaning in separate data streams is quite the struggle. Let our linking service do the heavy lifting. Quickly and painlessly leverage our vast product knowledge to connect your data to our powerful 4Ps and free up time for trend spotting and communicating the bigger picture.